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A love-story told across the magical and perilous landscape of the ocean.


  • Coral reefs 

  • How plankton make oxygen

  • Ocean currents

When a riptide separates the newly enamored Prof. Universe and Melina the Mermaid, each bravely sets off to find their special someone. Along their travels, they meet a friendly coral, a mischievous ocean current conductor, a hungry angler fish and more! 

Angler Fish

In the ocean depths, the kids run into a fish who is just looking for friends--definitely not trying to eat them...

Töner the
G.O.C.B Conductor

Töner can get you anywhere in the world on the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, BUT you have to have a ticket or his boss gets mad


Carl the Coral

A friendly coral explains "coral goo",

the nutritious liquid he makes that supports all fish and plant life on coral reefs.

—Pngtree—submarine coral coral reef seaside_3955485.png
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