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With a background in science and clown, our approach to creating shows is unique and based on fun.


We take a complex topic, and break it down into its most basic parts, or "nuggets of knowledge." During this process we take great care to make sure we portray all science as accurately as possible. For example, you can't go inside someone's body without "smelling" like them, or else the immune system will attack you.


Our science is not watered down, it is essentialized.

Then comes the most important part: how to make it fun! We find a fun and engaging way of teaching each part, via characters or scenarios, and use an emotional story arcs that compel kids to engage and have fun while learning.


The amazing thing: it works! Kids really absorb the science.


If you are curious to see this in action, and have 7 minutes, here are 7 short (~1 minute) videos demonstrating how we structured the science in our show about the immune system--the most difficult subject we have taken on. 

Cell Smell

We teach the importance of cell smell--how white blood cells "smell" the difference between friend and foe. This is later tested by encountering a macrophage, who smells to determine if they are allowed to stay/ live

Germ Smell, B-Cell, hi-five T-cell-- ANTIBODIES

They meet Linguini, "the Villain," who teaches the complex steps required to make the ultimate weapon of the immune system: antibodies

B-Cell Activation

The kids find a B-cell, who smells germs all day to see if they are a match. With "germ smell" in hand, have the kids found the chosen B-cell that can make antibodies to defeat the virus?

The Activated

With the B-cell activated, all that is needed is a hi-five with an activated T cell, if they can get him to stay still.

How Viruses Attack

The kids witness the infection of a macrophage, turning them into an embodiment of the virus, and get to see the virus dance

Antibody Creation

All is lost! The virus has grown too strong. Unless the kids can come up with a plan, and save the day. Have they remembered what needs to happen?

FINALE: Virus Destruction

Empowered with antibodies, the kids get to defeat the virus

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