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Dallas Akins

The Dreamer

(co-founder, actor, writer, director)

After graduating with a degree in physics and theatre , Dallas went to Ecole Philippe Gaulier, a clown school in France. He is the creator of the Professor Universe series, which evolved into WOW o'clock. He has been teaching children the past three years in China, France, and the US, and has a passion for bringing the joy of science and knowledge to kids all over the world.


Rosanna Mallinson

The Creator

(co-founder, artistic director)

Rosanna has been directing theatre for over a decade. She is the founder of the award-winning , London-based, immersive theatre company, ImmerCity. She is best known for immersive murder mysteries that repurpose unused buildings. She is currently studying in Paris at the world-renowned Lecoq school for performance.  

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Richie Whitehead

The Inspector

(actor, writer, comedic director)

Richie is a Brown University computer science graduate turned clown. He is a graduate of the French performance school, Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and works with the Ministry of Education in France on theatre shows that teach english.

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Meghan Nifty-Ames

The Energizer

(actor, writer, comedic director)

Meghan is a musical, toe-tappin', high-fivein' clown and performer. She's a regular on stage at the Long Island Children's Museum Theater and a recurring guest singer with Lena and The Happy Clam Band.  (and yes that is Richie on her right)


Richard   Dyrning

The Mixer

(sound design)

Richard Durning is a sound designer based in Dublin, Ireland. He works with synthesisers, samples, field recording and live instrumentation to build music and sonic landscapes for theatre and film. He is an associate artist with the physical theatre company Created A Monster. Additionally, he acts, writes fiction and makes electronic music.

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