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Ep. 1 | The Enchanted Dimension

After being sucked into another dimension, Professor Universe finds himself stuck on an enchanted planet. He must use science to overcome obstacles and get back home. This thrilling seven-part series covers the science of gravity, orbits, the speed of light, the vastness of space, stars, and black holes; mixed in with tons of magical creatures. So sit back, learn, laugh, and enjoy!

Ep 2 | The Wizard's Wand
Ep 4 | The Giant Problem
Ep 6 | The Falling Dragon
Ep 3 | The Star's Tear
Ep 5 | The Unicorn's Tale
Ep 7 | The Black Hole

Professor Universe attends Merlin’s “magic” show and teaches the crowd that everything is made of matter and where gravity comes from

We meet a real-life star full of love and the story of how stars are made.

Professor Universe befriends a mermaid and confronts a giant, who stole gold from the local village. The Professor uses the speed of light--186,000 miles per second-- to save himself.... and the day.

We meet a Unicorn that can travel at the speed of rainbows (aka light), investigating a strange phenomenon of what seems to be time travel. Professor Universe explains that this is just the result of how big space is!

A mysterious noise leads to an encounter with a dragon! With a little help from the science of orbits and rockets, Professor Universe is able to aid his new friend.

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