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Ep. 1 | The Enchanted Dimension

Yep, we made an online series for Professor Universe! These videos can be found on YouTube and are encouraged to be shared and used in classes to help engage kids with science...


After being sucked into another dimension, Professor Universe finds himself stuck on an enchanted planet. He must use science to overcome obstacles and get back home. This thrilling seven-part series covers the science of gravity, orbits, the speed of light, the vastness of space, stars, and black holes; mixed in with tons of magical creatures. So sit back, learn, laugh, and enjoy!

Ep 2 | The Wizard's Wand
Ep 4 | The Giant Problem
Ep 6 | The Falling Dragon
Ep 3 | The Star's Tear
Ep 5 | The Unicorn's Tale
Ep 7 | The Black Hole
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