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About Prof. Universe

Motto: "If isn't ultimately fun... what is the point?

Dallas Akins (aka Prof. Universe) is a scientist, teacher, and performer; he has combined his three passions into a whimsical and educational show about the universe for kids of all ages, adults, and even aliens! The show teaches the audience all about light, gravity, star formation, and many other cool things. What sets this show apart is that Dallas plays a multitude of characters, such as Erwin Schrödinger and Mr. Photon, to tell the story of the universe, employing puppetry, interpretive dance, mini plays, and tons of audience participation and volunteers!

Dallas couldn't decide if he liked physics more than acting, so he double majored in Physics and Theatre at Trinity University. Performing since he was four years old, Dallas has over 30 productions under his belt, has been on HBO, produced a one-man clown show, and has formed seven improv groups. In the science realm he has been lucky to work in Rome for a summer on gravitational wave detectors for the National Science Foundation, was part of the team for the Rosetta comet mission, researched quasars using the VLBA (an Earth-sized telescope), and (unsuccessfully) constructed an atom trapper in the hopes of detecting dark energy. He has made a living working with kids age 3-18 the past year and has loved every minute of it!

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